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Top Trumps

£5.99 per pack

Including postage and packaging to UK address (delivered within 3-5 working days)

Have fun playing Purely Pets Popular Puppies Top Trumps while learning fun interesting facts and statistics about 30 of the cutest puppy breeds.

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Gold Card

Any number of people can play.

  1. Shuffle and deal the 30 puppy cards face down.
  2. Hold your cards face up so you can see the top card only.
  3. The player to the dealer's left starts.
  4. Read out a stat from the top card (e.g. Adult Weight 11). The other players then read out the same stat.
  5. If you have the highest value, you win that round. Take all the top cards, including your own, and put them at the bottom of your deck.
  6. It's your turn to choose a stat from the next card.
  7. If two or more cards share the highest value, then all the cards are placed in the middle and you read out the same stat from your next card. The winner of this round takes the cards in the middle as well.
  8. The person with all the cards at the end wins the game!

If you need to finish a game quickly, you can play the "discard rule", which means any losing card is simply removed from the game. The last person left with cards in their hand, wins.

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